At SNP Investments, we understand that the investment medium you choose is very important. You are looking for sophisticated investment solutions with a higher level of service than you would find at the retail brokers as well as a firm that trades with you and makes money for you. This is where SeparatelyManaged Accounts come in.

What is a (Separately) Managed Account?

A Managed Account is an investment account that is owned by an individual investor and overseen by a hired professional money manager. One or more portfolio managers are responsible for day-to-day investment decisions, supported by a team of analysts, operations and administrative staff. SMAs differ from pooled vehicles like mutual funds in that each portfolio is unique to a single account (hence the name). In other words, if you set up a separate account with Money Manager X, then Manager X has the discretion to make decisions for this account that may be different from decisions made for other accounts.

We offer a variety of (Separately) Managed Accounts for those with different risk tolerance levels and trading preferences.

Proven Track Record

SNP has proven time and again that our Managed Accounts show consistent profits. Our value is delivered through our track record and integrity in trading. All you have to do is review our current funds and you will see that our algorithms are powerful and profitable.

Managed Accounts Benefits

  • Choice - Personalized risk tolerance investment tracks.
  • Service - You always get our premium professional level of service.
  • Success Fees - SNP works on a high watermark performance fee system.
  • Convenience - For busy clients, your funds are cared for by our proven traders.
  • Transparency - You have full online access to your account in order to track its progress at all times.

The bottom line is, we have assembled the best of the best in all aspects of trading, account management, and service in order to offer you this unique, unparalleled opportunity.

SNP is more than a business - it is a family. Come and be a part of us.