Intrepid Fund

The Intrepid Fund is a powerhouse algorithm that was developed by SNPs team of former bank VPs and Wall Street traders. The fund, launched in 2011, has proven itself to be even more profitable than originally expected.

The complex algorithm built by our team has the ability to take inputs from both technical and fundamental data sources. On top of that, the robot utilizes financial news and social media sources to gain a better understanding of the overall feeling traders have about various assets and the markets in general.

This big data approach is what makes out Intrepid Fund stand apart from the competition. Instead of reacting to other market movements, our intelligent algorithm is ready to make a move before the market actually reacts, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in trading.

Although this trading method is a higher-risk system, the Intrepid Fund has consistently managed 10-18% monthly revenues for our clients. Assets that are traded include stocks, commodities, futures, and currencies.

If you are interested in speaking with one of our account specialists about the Intrepid Fund, please contact us.